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Contribute a Song


Contributions for Freesongs are really welcome.

To avoid legal problems, you must be the author of the song you are submitting. Songs are submitted on the understanding that people may use them without royalty payment. However, this right does not extend to performance where admission is charged, reproduction in music collections sold for money, or inclusion on CDs, DVDs or other recordings sold for money. Such use must first obtain written permission of the composer. The composer's name and contact details will appear on all copies of the song.

To make life easy for me and for users, please submit the following minimum:
a) A text file (either in .txt or .rtf format), containing the words and chords;
b) Either a MIDI file or a file compiled using a songwriting program which can be opened by most visitors. (I use Noteworthy Composer, for which a free reader is available.) The song file should contain at least the melody line and chords. If you have also arranged the music, that's wonderful!

MP3 samples are also welcome. However, please do not send these with your initial submission. They may be too large for my email program and cause it to crash. I will discuss with you what is best. (In general, a short clip of about 20-30seconds is appropriate, compressed to a mono file sampled at about 30bps. This gives small file sizes that won't overload my web page allocation.)

Files can also be sent on CD or DVD. Contact me for the address.

I look forward to hearing from you.

John McNeil
Email: jandhmcneil<at>

(note: substitute the @ symbol in the above address. I am writing it this way to avoid spam)